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How To Keep It All Together

The world is rumbling on toward destruction as ever, its difficult to ignore and hard to understand and exhausting and depressing to think about.

I am lost in a bit of a fog. I have stuff happening which is good though. I do feel very tired quite often, much more often that I use to. Is it just age related? I am OK when I am out and about doing stuff but often on a day at home I just seem to run out of energy. My home is comfortable and I have everything I need here plus my music room/studio which I do use quite often. But just recently I seem to be doing a lot of staring into space. I still have boxes of stuff packed from when we moved 6 years ago that I can’t face sorting out.

This is song from 2022 that needs a bit more love I think. Why not give it a listen and see what you feel.

Elephant Shelf in their heyday in Brighton at The Joogleberry Playhouse.

Remember, don’t take yourself too seriously.

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And There’s More

I had a panic attack yesterday. I used to get them quite frequently a few years back. I still do get very anxious but this was totally out of the blue. Ho hum. As I write this I have just returned from a good rehearsal with Jon Bickley and the Invisible Folk Club band over in Chesham.
I am not such a big fan of the M1 though. But on a day like today I can tolerate it. I think I am getting a spot of hayfever/pollen bother.

Here is a song from last year that was quite popular , its called “Yes, but so where is it” Who knows what it’s about.

A New Song Is In The Works

Well to be honest that’s clickbait really as there is usually something in the works at any time though I am trying to get a little more mainstream again with this latest effort. Its nearly there, but I do need to not over spice it, which is easily done I find. So I am pausing for a moment as it may be complete I feel? We shall see. I await the arranging muse. To leave it or not to leave it…Where tis nobler not put loads of unnecessary overdubs’ but by abating make it wholesome again. Ey, there’s the rub. I shall go and review it now.
And I decided to leave it as it was. Its a song I may well revisit and revise in future I think . So here it is below. A first draft if you will.

Wrong Target

As I write this it’s been a day of rain whilst I do studio things. I feel a little cabin fever coming on to be honest after a week of doing stuff mostly on my own. Ho Hum. But there are daffodils blooming at least.