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And its still february

So what have I been up to since you last heard from me. Music mostly and exercising and that’s really about it.  I just put a new tune up on Soundcloud and the usual places. A violin string broke right in the middle of a take, but hardly surprising as it was on my not much used electric fiddle.  The strings have not been changed much on that one. 

So here is the tune.Its an east mediterranean modal vibe type of thing. 

So there it is. In other news its a bit warmer.  

February 21 more

Week 6 of my extended exercises regime and I am having a bad day. My back has really been playing up big time. I hope its a temporary hick up, but I need be be a little bit careful for a day or so I think.  We have brilliant sunshine locally at the moment which is  great and gives the spirits a bit of a lift at least.  I won’t be offered a vaccination for a few weeks yet by the look of things. That’s not a huge problem as I am still pretty much in a bubble in practical terms.   

I have been beavering away creatively as much as possible I am a bit worried about repeating myself though. My mood is actually quite good considering. As I normally have an ongoing issue with depression I do wonder if my extra enforced physical activity is actually helping with it.   Perhaps?  Finances though mean I shall be on thin gruel for a while yet. I can’t see any money making opportunities before the end of this year.  Some people are rather better at coping with this lockdown lark  than I am.  Certainly talking to my friends and acquaintances many seem to be keeping quite bullish about things.  I do need to hear that of course. Remotely winning friends and influencing people is not yet part of my skill set. Also the gap left by people that are no longer around is hard to fill.  There is no off switch for that feeling and with very little in the way of distractions otherwise its harder still.  They say that you dont miss what you never had but I really dont think thats true or at least you miss perhaps what you nearly had? 


Feb 2021 part 2

Thank goodness its warming up a bit finally.  So a chance to take a bit of stroll is now possible in relative comfort again. Today there was a decent amount of winter sunshine and buds are starting on the trees too. So a pleasant reminder of life renewing again for in preparation for spring. I am now on week 5 of my extended exercise routine and I am less anxious so that is  one tangible benefit at least.  its a hard slog at times though as I ma very stiff when i wake up most mornings and it takes a while to get going. It’s different every day of course though. Perhaps I am slightly less depressed now, but feeling well enough to  just to be getting a tiny bit bored.  I need to start my clearing out process now too.  Perhaps those many cardboard boxes can be flattened out now? 

What do people talk about at the moment?  “Hello, just ringing to say I didn’t go out again today”.  It’s weird.   Its also tiring too. We are all trying of course to add a bit of meaning to the days.  I am setting  myself a few challenges musically and in a couple of other areas too. Hopefully I can hang on to some degree of sanity that way.   The virtual world is a thin substitute for normal interactions. We are all in our bubbles for so  much of the time now. Too much time to think?  Maybe. 

Currently I can indulge myself with reruns of my favorite sci-fi series at least.  Its a welcome relief from present reality like pizza and beer when appropriate.  Or wine of course, Its all cool. Sort off. 

So if we all get through this I have got to try and lean to win friends and influence people. Only joking, sort of.  Hello rest of the world I am still here I think.   Most days start well enough but the limited amount of umph soon runs out I am saddened to say. The call of the duvet is strong at present. Winter evenings should have the option of going for a swift half at least.  So another grand night in again.

To me, fair friend, you never can be old

— SONNET 104, LINE 1

But where there is true friendship, there needs none