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More about the magic money tree

Keith Lindsay-Cameron writes:

“As far as I can see there are four magic money trees. The bank of England can print money at will, though sensitive to inflation. The banks can create money out of thin air as debt, with seemingly no considerations other than the interest, as profit, they charge which comes out of our labour. The third branch is taxation, which is a constantly flowing cash cow which they use and abuse at will and the fourth branch is government borrowing which has gone through the roof under this government.

Given all that, we are being subjected to endless austerity and cuts and ever shrinking services and, for many, priced or sanctioned out of living.

So here’s my question. Where is all the money going?

The only answer I can see is straight up, judging by the fantastic polarisation of wealth to the top. What is not clear to me is how, given the unbelievable rate at which it is happening. It seems to me that it is one of those hidden in plain sight things. It’s epic.”

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Do you feel lucky

Well do you? Seriously. Its one of those questions I often ask myself when I get a bit low
You go to your list and balance out the pros and cons of various things that have happened.

But surely you can’t just ignore things like being passed over and snubbed for ever and ever can you?

Is that sour grapes when you know that certain individuals have made your life much more difficult than it should be?

Worse of all, could it be something you have done to yourself, unintentionally? Perhaps because you lacked belief or self-assurance.  Now I am really getting annoyed.

Then it turns into one of those days when everything aches just to top it all off.

Maybe I should go back to bed.