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Rupert Herries and Elephant Shelf at the Fisher Theatre Bungay OCT 3rd

  Rupert Herries and Elephant Shelf at the Fisher Theatre Bungay OCT  3rd::Image

‘Swinging Blues’ meets’ Gypsy Violin’ meets ‘English Eccentric’
 Two extraordinary acts meet for the first time in double bill at the Fisher Theatre for one night only.
Elephant Shelf performing songs from their new album ‘In trouble Again’ and Rupert Herries performing songs from his Show ‘Tales of Horror Mystery & Suspense’ which was recently performed in Halesworth & Woodbridge.

The Story so far

Well fans (ironic) it could be going a little better right now I have to admit, but you can’t blame me for trying. I was on the radio in St Albans with the 3 5ths of Elephant Shelf and we managed to get 3 tracks played from the album which can’t be bad, and that was fun. We also got 3 plugs for our gig on Saturday at the Mermaid too. There is a guy that wants to represent the Shelf in Holland which might be useful and lots of radio stations playing the album out Sur la Manch so that’s got to be good.
Personal circumstances are looking very risky now though. I have applied for about 30 jobs and not a sniff so far so one is getting in to a bit of a panic and its grinding me down just a tad.  I have seriously considered bankruptcy but that could be a bit difficult under the circumstances, but it might come to that. Its not quite where I though I would be when I left the Civil Service  about 2 years ago.
My brilliant career has not quite materialized. Something has to happen soon.

Fisher Theatre Bungay

I went to Bungay yesterday to visit the Fisher Theatre where Elephant Shelf is playing a double header with Rupert Herries on October the 3rd. It’s quite a trek as its up near Norwich and its a lovely place even though its a 220 mile round trip. Ralph and Vicky came with me and we checked out the theater for all the techie stuff ,arranging the get in  and so forth.

Elephant Shelf Poster
Elephant Shelf Poster
Bungay Theatre Doors
Bungay Theatre Doors
Vicky & Ralph
Vicky & Ralph

I have applied for 8 jobs in 2 days

I wonder if I will get any interviews?

It’s been a long time since I was in an office (2 years now) and 14 years since I had a job interview so if I do actually get as far as attending one its going to be a pretty weird experience.  My real problem is I am rubbish at phone calls, I much prefer emailing because it gives me time to think about what I am saying as I suspect that there are times when I don’t make as  much sense verbally as I should. I am going for everything from admin to IT work  and of course including government temping too.  Being 52 now is not going to help either I suspect. Having a long term depressive illness is a bit of  a drag too, as at the moment I am feeling reasonably well, but it tends to creep up on me when I least expect it. My finances are pretty dire now too. To give a rough analogy I am 2000 miles out over the Atlantic but but I only have 500 miles worth of fuel left so I am not going to reach NY… even with a very fair wind

What skills have I got ?

IT consultant/Developer:

Web and programming skills including the following:
php asp VB 6 Java SQL Perl C# and Html XML JavaScript  Ajax. UNIX LINUX Vba for MS Office
Photo-shop & Flash ActionScript
Ecommerce sites >
Click  >>Here for an example using php and Smarty with full paypal integration

Web hosting
Prince11 project management.
10 years commercial experience, central government projects, including managing ITC for 300 users at the Parole Board for England and Wales.

Office admin:
Case working,  minute taking,  HR , reporting, diary organising,  file management, scanning photocopying, photocopier maintenance, preparing reports for audit & bla.

Musician Composer

PRS member ,Published composer

Radio play for solo material and for Band & Duo National and local
Cabaret Performer Music & Comedy

Previously performances at:

Kings head Theatre Islington, The Bull and Gate, Purple Turtle Camden Jazz after Dark Soho  The Celler Door  Covent Garden  The Joogleberry Theatre Brighton  Dingwalls  The Bull Barnes Neils Chain of music venues.  The Abbey & After Office Hours Bullet at Kentish town Oliver’s Jazz Bar Greenwich The Crown & The Cock Tavern Kilburn & the Music Palace.

My Solo Album is available as to buy as download on Amazon E Music Rhapsody ITunes & Napster Selling but very slowly.

I have a CD ready and mastered but I can’t afford to press it at the moment, partly due to my car blowing up.

I am a performing composer and musician playing Piano Violin & Guitar and Bass and some vocals though my voice is somewhat unusual. I regularly gig with the Rock/Roots band Elephant Shelf and also the Delta Ladies duo which mix roots acoustic music and electronica and comedy.
I have a solo project band called Glass Cage.I read, but my sight reading is not that fast.
Musical styles rang from Rock to Blues Jazz Folk and world Music also electronica.

I compose in a variety of styles from pop to rock to jazz and classical oeuvres. I am also expert in multi-media recording and music production. I have a full studio setup which allows me to produce from demo to master recordings.

Maybe I should teach Music?

I could do that at a beginners level for adults I think. OK that sounds like a plan.

So why am I going broke?  !!! ***$%^$%^$^%$***!!!


Somewhere over the Rainbow
Somewhere over the Rainbow