Monthly Archives: September 2019

Thought for the day

I love the language used in some spam emails.

Today I was offered a “Mind Bugling” opportunity. A mind bugle conjurer’s an image from 40’s or 50’s sci-fi b/w film with some poor miscreant strapped to a chair with an elaborate horn facing downwards just above head height about to blown by a refugee mad scientist/failed musician from a N’Orleans marching band attached to some electrodes and cables to mysterious indicators and meters and possibly wearing a lab coat.

If this is a thing it is possible that some denizens of facebook have already been subjected to this procedure and that may be why some of them have such interesting notions.

A brick wall

I seem to have arrived at a point in life where I cannot seem to go forward or turn around and go back the way I came. Everything has gone a bit stale. I have been attempting to plough on with musical endeavours but I am beginning to feel that I am simply repeating myself and have very little left to say. I don’t know if that’s the case but it feels like I have come to the end of a very long road which has gotten narrower and narrower and turned in to a muddy path leading to a brick wall on in industrial estate in some place a bit like Luton or another representative uncouth place of a similar nature. Not much is sparking creativity and even the application of some forms of musical viagra or other artificial stimulation are lighting the candle and summoning the muse.

My growing irritation at events also continues to build. Is it just boredom? Has the freedom to just get on with stuff turned out not to be the glorious creative liberation I expected once the friction, roadblocks and diversions of life in general have been mostly removed. hard to say but maybe that’s a good part of it. I feel a bit tired to be fighting battles anymore or striving to be honest.

Diana Stone aged 62 and a half