Monthly Archives: April 2012

April 2012 So far

Not too bad a month so far a few good gigs and the sun is shining a little, so I am making the effort to take a little more exercise to help ease the back problems and stuff. Touching wood my back seems capable of withstanding regular accordion playing now so I am starting to work up a few more tunes on it, and its not seeming half so alien as it was at first. Its not an instrument to play after midnight on a quite night though as it kicks up a fair old racket that makes the violin seem quiet by comparison.

This year seems to be whizzing past at hell of rate thus far but with plenty of interesting stuff going on. I need to get back to the DR’s soon to see how the old bones are progressing as well. I am building up a bit more stamina but some of our duo gigs have been mini-marathons with often more than one encore. Once you have gone over the 2.5 hour mark it can get a bit knackering.

Saturday night we were at the Global Cafe in Reading. We do play one other venue in Reading regularly called the retreat but this was a new one for us with a younger audience than our usual demographic. We will be back there later in the year and its a really nice place to perform in. This year could be our buzyiest for gigs by the look of things mostly with the Delta Ladies. Doing a 2 hour plus show as a duo is quite demanding at times. We are also going to be putting some new material in to soon as well. So we need to learn that.

Currently we have two albums almost finished. One is the Elephant Shelf Album and the other is an album of swing standards. Once those are out of the way we need to start recording the Delta Ladies Album. Not much time to get bored by the look of things.

We will be back at one of our favorite gigs in a couple of weeks at the Bellvue in High Wycombe and strangely it will be coinciding with their beer festival. How spooky is that then 😉