Monthly Archives: April 2010

April news round-up

OK, well I am still here just about, though feeling a little fragile at the moment.I have been giging a quite bit, between 2 and 3 gigs a week with Elephant Shelf & the Deltas so that’s kept me suitably distracted. I still don’t have much of a long term plan, but it seems to me that much of what used to constitute my life has  blown away on the wind somewhere.

An average day for me when not gigging consists of about 3 hours of piano practice and maybe working on writing new material and working on ideas for demos.  Also updating web stuff, and trying to keep my rusting programming skills intact, so that if any freelance stuff comes in I am actually ready to roll. I do miss the routine of going to an office and the certainty’s that it provides.  Mood-wise I have been quite low on a couple of days, and that has made the day to day mundane stuff difficult to get through. I have lost a lot of confidence and really do feel that would be quiet a good idea to retire to bed and stay there most days.