Monthly Archives: May 2018

A slight touch of the sad today

I am quite affected by the lack of sun, it makes a huge difference to my mood and I have one of those SAD lamps which is supposed to give the effect of being in full daylight. It seems to make a difference which is good. But the summer is the thing that really starts to sort it out though. We have had a false start with a few really bright and warm days but we seem to be back to the rain and gloom again now.  Its not just my mood but also the aches and pains that seem to come with the rain so it’s a bit of a double whammy really.

Musically things are rolling along quite nicely, with a few ideas bubbling under that will have the chance to escape into the world as and when permitting.
My lyric writing seems to have gone a bit of course recently though. I just can’t seem to string the words together the way I used to.  Maybe I have just run out of ideas?

Time seems to really fly by since leaving London too, which is rather odd. I can’t quite figure that one out! I seem to be busy but I can’t really work out  what with at the moment.  I realised that in some strange way I miss the chaos of the old cramped flat we had. Where I am now does not yet seem like home, even though its much better appointed and very comfortable.  We have been here 4 months but it still seems strange to me in many respects.


Win 10 what have you done?

I have a win 10 laptop which is part of my recording setup. I have managed to disable windows update in services and will keep it disabled until i have finished my current projects  and done some serious back-ups.  I have finally it seems got my desktop win 10 pc back to health, though it involved finding licences and stuff in very odd places and I could have done without all that. Hopefully MS will knock some of the bugs out in the next month or so.

A note of advice. If you have 2 partitions on your drive, say C and D the stuff on the D partition will stay safe even post update apocalypse. Of course external back-ups are better if you have a lot of stuff.

You might want to read this for starters.
And if you google there is quite a bit of good advice.
And remember back-up…..