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Skeggy Rock & Blues Weekender

Another weekend away with Elephant Shelf Looms, this time at Butlin’s  Skegness and there are some really  good bands on to watch as well, so it should be a fun one.  I shall report back soon
Butlins Skegness for
The Big Rock and Blues weekend 29/01/2010
From  £55 pp

Animals & Friends
The Yardbirds
Joanne Shaw Taylor
Ben Waters

Chantel McGregor
Chicken Shack featuring Stan Webb
Tygers of Pan Tang
Wishbone Ash (Featuring Martin Turner)
The Blues Band
Oli Brown
Jay Tamkin
And Elephant Shelf of Course

Follow this link for all the details:

A busy weekend

My first week-ender with Elephant Shelf at Hayling Island of all places.  It went well despite a few litle problems.
When we got there as soon as we strated to unload it pored with rain. Better yet I took a Chair for the Piano which was soaking wet and ended up doing the sound check sitting on it so I was soaked right through. The rest of band turned up late so Vicky and I had to do all the unloading from the van. Because they were late we did not get much of a sound check. So it was a bit rushed and the onstage sound was not quite as I would have liked.  Having got soaked I had to wear a completly diferent outfit than the one I was expecting to wear for the gig. I hope it looked alright, but who knows. Terrys snare drum broke as well. Seconds in to the first number the Piano went silent. possible due to a lead affected by the damp. then two numbers in Vicky broke a string!  That never happens. Still a not bad reception and sold a few CD’s.  We did a 90 minute and then went off for a drink and watched the Spikedrivers who were headlineing that night.
They did a good rootsy show and had the audience with them from the start. There was a late night Jam which bands are expected to attend where you mix with the punters quite a few of which are players at every level.
It was an interesting experience, as we were landed with a very drunk slide guitarist…  We escaped at about 02:00 am had a very rock & roll cup of tea and went to sleep. 

Up at about 09:00 tea & bickys and a dash of to breakfast and a quick post-mortem on the days events, then get the gear off the stage area and back in the van.  We were doing an unplugged set in the early afternoon which was as well received as the main set the night before and we manged to sell a couple more CD’s and got some good feedback from the punters too. On this set my Violin A string snapped mid song and so I managed on 3 strings ish.
We watched the next act had half a Guiness and went home.  Had a quick snack then off to Sta Albans to veiw the second night of the Blues room venue which was very good with a very happy crowd. 

Details of the event below: 

A fab weekend of blues and R&B in the friendly atmosphere of Lakeside, Hayling Island.   Headlined by Eugene ‘Hideaway’ Bridges with the fabulous King King featuring superb guitarist Alan Nimmo, plus the ever-popular Spikedrivers,the all-danceable Swamp Cats, new to Boogaloo the extremely entertaining and lively Elephant Shelf, plus up-and-coming young and talented guitarist Ben Poole and his band.   Sadly Son Henry has been taken ill so is not allowed to fly BUT we have been fortunate to book Trafficker in their place with guitar supremo Tommy Allen.Boogaloo Promotions Blues Bonanza weekend Boogaloo Promotions Blues Bonanza weekend 

Next week were are off to Butlins at Skegness to do it all again :)