How To Keep It All Together

The world is rumbling on toward destruction as ever, its difficult to ignore and hard to understand and exhausting and depressing to think about.

I am lost in a bit of a fog. I have stuff happening which is good though. I do feel very tired quite often, much more often that I use to. Is it just age related? I am OK when I am out and about doing stuff but often on a day at home I just seem to run out of energy. My home is comfortable and I have everything I need here plus my music room/studio which I do use quite often. But just recently I seem to be doing a lot of staring into space. I still have boxes of stuff packed from when we moved 6 years ago that I can’t face sorting out.

This is song from 2022 that needs a bit more love I think. Why not give it a listen and see what you feel.

Elephant Shelf in their heyday in Brighton at The Joogleberry Playhouse.

Remember, don’t take yourself too seriously.

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