Monthly Archives: June 2016

That referendum

I am not surprised at the UK brexit vote, but I do wonder how many of those that have voted for out really understand what they have actually voted for. I suspect most of them do not.

Anyway they have have chosen though about 25% of people apparently did not bother to vote at all.

I don’t seen much good coming out of this, except perhaps for a few traders and dealers as the markets lurch around.

Back from the Delta ladies mini-tour in France

It was fun and we tried out our new line up with Danny Bryan on Percussion.  It worked very well  indeed and we have some video of the performances that will be appearing on youtube and the website in the not too distant future. The weather was not as expected sadly though we did get a few good days.  I have also been using some synth sound textures on as well for the first time in live performance which are quite effective. 3 of us can make quite a big sound.