Monthly Archives: July 2020

Notes from a lazy Sunday afternoon

Yesterday was a strangely mixed day. A video conference and a test collaborative music session online where we recorded from 4 different locations live together and got a very decent result that sounded much like it would if we had all been playing in the same room.  That’s something that has really been an eye opener for me in many ways as I feel we have a long way to go before we can fully escape our current lock-down days. So a good start to the day. Unfortunately, my back had other plans so whilst it started well, I Had a lot of pain and ended up watching a lot of YouTube and i Player stuff.

Today was a walk in the woods, well riverbank and very uplifting. I needed that I must admit. Fortunately, there is plenty of space to enjoy nearby. In the last 4 days I had got a bit despondent and not been out and was frankly sinking a bit. The news never gets any better either.  My last proper studio recording was on Tuesday and since then I had been struggling a lot.  A lot of background static in my mind has been playing out. The sort of stuff that its often difficult to discuss with anyone to be honest.