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What Are You Running From Or Towards

As time passes friends fall by the wayside so often I find. Sometimes it’s just because interests change and we naturally drift apart. Though at my age now it seems that a few just vanish back in to stardust and billion year old carbon in the ultimate cosmic recycling machine. We get old, we get tired and we just wear out. I oscillate between trying not to think about the inevitable and getting somewhat obsessed with it. It cannot however be avoided regardless of magic elixirs and potions, Yoga and Tai Chi and so in. And things wear out too. It’s often the case that people just don’t look after themselves. A frequently bad diet and it just not seeming worth the effort does for a lot of older single folk in the end it seems.

The light of a 1000 Stars

Time might just be getting a little used up by now I think. A new song and I may take a little break as the creative well feels pretty dry and needs replenishing. My mind is in freefall now I think.

Loves the thing in short supply often in our go get em neo lib capitalist world. I want world peace and a huge bank balance. Of course I do, don’t you. If only it was that simple.

Just keep you fingers crossed something will change. What else is there? At the heart of peaceful neighborly relations lies the recognition of individuality. Each neighbor brings a unique set of values, traditions, and perspectives to the table. Or do they. Perhaps they desperately try to fit in. Embracing this diversity should make our collective tapestry inclusive and open doors to a wealth of experiences and insights. Rather than viewing differences as barriers, we should celebrate them as opportunities for learning and growth but that is often really hard.

Living peacefully with our neighbors while respecting their differences is not just an aspiration but a fundamental aspect of harmonious coexistence within communities. In a world characterized by diversity in culture, beliefs, and practices, fostering mutual respect and understanding becomes imperative for cultivating a tranquil environment where everyone can thrive. In essence, living peacefully with our neighbors while respecting their differences is not merely a utopian ideal but a practical imperative for building thriving communities and possibly the survival of the human race. By cultivating a culture of understanding, respect, kindness, and cooperation, we pave the way for a brighter, more inclusive future where diversity is celebrated, and harmony prevails.

Embracing a mindset of cooperation and collaboration promotes mutual benefit and collective well-being. Working together on common goals and initiatives strengthens community ties and fosters a sense of belonging. Whether it’s organizing neighborhood events, participating in community projects, or simply lending a helping hand, collaboration reinforces the notion that we are all in this together we hope, although I am pretty sure some of us are not.

Just A Dream

The world divided, in turmoil.

Aaron Bushnell killed himself in protest.

On February 25, 2024, Aaron Bushnell, a 25-year-old serviceman of the United States Air Force, approached the Embassy of Israel in Washington, D.C., and committed an act of self-immolation at the front gate to protest what he called genocide being committed by Israel in the Israel-Hamas war. During the incident, Bushnell said he was protesting “what people have been experiencing in Palestine at the hands of their colonizers” and declared that he “will no longer be complicit in genocide” before dousing himself with gasoline and lighting himself on fire. As he burned, Bushnell repeatedly shouted “Free Palestine!” while local emergency services arrived on scene.

But nothing changes or will change…

Old men decide to go war, politicians.

Nothing changes…