Monthly Archives: May 2019

I think it’s all downhill from here

Well it’s been a rather shit month or so. The death of a close friend was the worst thing of course, but the future’s looking a bit bleak right now in all directions.
We boldly went as far as we could but I am not convinced that there’s much further to go. Maybe I am out of fuel.

I will give it my best shot. Then if that’s all there is well at least I tried. My heads spinning at the moment and I am lurching between weird burst of unrealistic optimism and huge lows. I don’t have the confidence required to succeed. Its hidden itself somewhere deep down in a dusty corner of my psyche and its not coming out to play today.

So if that’s the case all good things as they say….


‘I am one who loved not wisely but too well.’

(Othello Act 5, Scene 2)

‘We have seen better days.’

(Timon of Athens Act 4, Scene 2)