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Little Green Dragon

Golden Oldies crew

Well yesterday I went to Enfield for the Little Green Dragons Charity fundraising do. We played at around 4. Lots of people there and many local musicians some of whom it has to be said are very good indeed. I did a 40 minute set with Lorraine and it went down fairly well. It was very hot (33c) but we got through it Ok and I chatted to a few friends who gave me the usual “keep calm and carry on” speeches. I spent a good 2 hours chatting after we played and watching the other acts.


I must admit it did lift my spirits considerably and the event raised about £650 quid for a good cause, so a result. An easy drive there and back too made even better by listening to “Just a minute” on the way home. Then half a Vegan Pizza and loads of Salad plus some red wine and watched the final episode of Poldark.

On a day when I am mostly feeling good things ain’t so bad really. At such moments I consider the fact some risks are worth taking. I could have been stuck in an office in Millbank this morning, though paradoxically it is only by having been in that office in Millbank that I was able to escape it.

Life is a mystery at times.

You can’t win if you don’t play the game…

Thoughts on time passing

How is it that time can drag and also be gone in an instant? Weird or what. At present the days seem to pass very quickly without me really achieving anything much at all. I am trying to carrying on being productive but I seem to have ground to a halt. I have more time and opportunity than I have ever had in my life but also less motivation. Things do go stale after a while in every sort of endeavour of course. Also once you get used to being able to please yourself pretty much its difficult to not get lazy and perhaps I am now.

Watching the current Brexit implosion is interesting, its going to end badly but and its impossible to look away. The Current amount of misinformation still circulating is extraordinary as the continued denial of the facts of the matter. I wonder what odds I would get at ladbrokes on article 50 being withdrawn at the last minute? Perhaps I should find out? Apparently revoking article 50 is currently 3/1 odds 🙂

Day to day matters are also somewhat problematic too. Way too much month at the end of the money and what to do? Sometimes drastic action is required. or at least action of some sort. At present it is perhaps more drastic inaction. Also I have a few weird notions in my head. That’s the joy being just on the edge of bipolar, or rather in the suburbs of bipolar. When in doubt don’t, especially if you really want to when it’s risky business.

5 years time? A question asked elsewhere.

Well if I am still around and healthy  I guess doing much the same as I am now. 
Playing music, writing songs and, hopefully playing gigs still.
Drinking a bit of Real Ale with friends and the odd glass of wine 
I don’t have much in the way of ambitions, a lot of things I wanted to achieve have come to pass.
As time passes I seem to get more joy out of simple things  I think.