Monthly Archives: October 2015


Sometimes it’s just weird and tiring. Well today it’s like that.  That plus the fact there seems to be a form of collective insanity especially in the good old U of K. Lots of anger, fear and paranoia. For me personally things are going a bit pair shaped, I have had a slightly odd few days and mentally I am  not on top form. This has been slightly awkward as I have spent  two days in the studio at possibly the most inauspicious time ever.
Managed to get through it OK though.

Well its getting colder but the trees are still looking good. I keep getting headaches and that seems to be infected sinus, which is something that I have had a few times before.

It’s been the usual round of gigs, plus two days down in winchester in the studio to start the new “Delta Ladies“album which is as yet untitled.

We have 5 tracks and a couple of ideas in the can. I am guessing it will take about another 4 days or so in the studio. That will be spread over a couple of months, depending on finance and so forth. Initial results are very encouraging though.

Its all very rootsy stuff with a hint of west coast stuff. The guy that is producing it has a fairly good previous musical CV too.

He is getting us to stretch our boundary’s a little which is one of the real reasons for working in a studio. Having someone else doing all the know twiddling allows for proper concentration on the music. The recordings are mostly live but will have stuff overdubbed on them, to get the right kind of feel.

Fallen Leaf on path