Monthly Archives: September 2011

September continued…

Its been a bit of a crap month really. My back injury seems to be mending and I have been out playing gigs again though I am really feeling it.

I discovered that I have something caused by vitimin D deficency that has caused my bones to soften which explains a lot of the pain mysterious pains I have been getting over the last few months and also the lack of concentration and extreme tiredness which I put down to depression at the time but which seems not to be the case. It will take a while to fix but thats OK now I know what it is. Got all my bloods checked and everthing elses came out OK, which is good as my siblings have Thyroid problems and diabetes.

Then just to put the tin lid on it the main keyboard I use on stage packed up mostly due to being bounced around in the back of vans and stuff for 7 years or so. I have  bitten the bullet and ordered a new one as it was about time to make a change particularly as my playing style has changed so much now. On a gig last night my violins tail piece broke so we couldn’t do a lot of our normal set with the Deltas. Perhaps October will be better. Add in a string of car problems as well just to add spice to the mix. So lots of extra expense and less money coming in because of not being able to work.

The curious thing is most of the folks in the band seem to have had problems this month too. Spooky that.

Good things though are that the new Elephant Shelf album is shaping up very well indeed and also the new Delta Ladies Album that we have started. I have just recorded another over the top Piano piece which I have had quite good feedback about inpspired by my general pissed-offness though I recorded it before my back had quite recovered enough and was in agonys the day after. Nothing like a bit of suffering for your art and all that don’t you know.

I have a 1000 word article I am suposed to write this week about the History of Elephant Shelf and I havn’t started on that yet so I need to pull my finger out as well…