Monthly Archives: May 2010

OK so far

Having a good time so far. We have two more gigs then its time to go home. One tonight at the Cafe De La Paix which is just on the square here in Mazamet. Tonights gig is the joker in the pack as its not a place that normally has music, in fact its more like the French equivalent of a sports bar, and also has a very young crowd so goodness knows what they will think of it we hope. I think all the driving and stuff has caught up with me now as I am a bit knocked out. We has BBQ last night which went well but also meant much wine was consumed… Tommorows gig is a bit of a hippy joint around here>> Lavalette, Midi-Pyrénées

Installed in Mazamet

I am having a very nice time down here in France,our first couple of gigs went pretty well.
The first was at the Auberge du Balestie which had a great view of the Pyrenees from the car park, you tend not to get that sort of thing in St Albans Lots of ex pats there plus a fair smattering of French folk, and a very nice drive there and back over the Black Mountains.

This Saturday we played at the L’Pot Ethique which is a place in town, a sort of co-op with organic beer & stuff and we got a very good crowd, this time much more of a French contingent and it was very well received and for the first time on a duo gig we put in Great Balls of Fire which was a good opportunity for some karate piano. They also did some fab veggie food too for the visiting artist LOL.

The guy who is getting us the gigs was very happy with our performance and we could be looking at some good stuff in Europe later this year.

Its very hot today, just come back from a stroll around the town, with hardly a soul about. We will be doing a bit more site-seeing during the week as our next gig is Friday and is in a local bar here. Then another one on the other side of the Mountains on Saturday. I could easily get used to this sort of life style, I think.