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Remember When There Was No Undo Button

Yes, once upon a time you could not simply roll things back, just like it is in  real life. I remember those times well enough, but I think many have forgotten.  The world outside is harsh and still often very unfair. There is no undo button for that either.  So we continue with doing the day by day, because what else is there?  Anything more tends to make me anxious.  Time to travel hopefully and try and enjoy the journey even though you may get moved out of first class, or even  thrown off the train before the intended destination.  In the UK it looks like there is some good news re the pandemic but its not over till its over.  Maybe it will still be good news in spring? 

I am aching a lot again and its not doing my mood much good. I went for a walk  in the sunshine and it helped. Plenty of music related stuff in the works so one thing  I wont be is bored I hope. I am getting out and having a bit more company again which is nice but seems very strange after so long.  My driving stamina is a little less to so I need to get used to it again gradually. I am a bit nervous traveling alone. I always had company to and from gigs for many years of course. So its all a bit different now and taking some getting used to. It seems weird being allowed out as covid hopefully retreats. 

Some noise from me below.

Yep, indeed I dont think you can.    

January 2022, What does it mean to you?

A new year. New things in the works as well. Some beginnings and the odd green shoot breaking through the crack in the pavement.
I am a bit knackered generally speaking at present. I have made some new music connections and I do hope they will grow survive the frost.
Its been a long time since I tried anything really new.  Lots of thoughts racing around my head that are not too much to do with anything but are quite distracting and even disturbing at times.  I do wonder how people manage to filter out the distractions as I find with time passing I am more and more easily drawn off course than I ever was before.  Also my ability  to stay focused and enthusiastic for any length of time seems long gone. I am fine when I am working with others  in the main, but alone its now a real battle. Is it simply a a lack of novelty or something more than that? The first song I recorded this year is different as the lyrics were provided by a friend. Its been a long time since i did that sort of collaboration.  It seems to have worked out OK though as a few people have played it already and shared it. Its a relatively simple tune and was an experiment which seems to have succeeded. So perhaps a few more collaborative efforts  could be in the pipe line.


One thing that is much the same is how quiet it is here. The whole worlds asleep after sundown it seems at this time of year in this place. Sitting in music room typing I am almost drifting off to sleep as well.  The trees though already have hints of what will become with  buds showing and other hints of life. One thing that being a city dweller for so many years that I did not really appreciate is how much green there is even in the depths of winter. Its not really bleak at all and I worried that it might be. I am a passive observer of the countryside in the main but do appreciate it.