Monthly Archives: August 2009

What do you do after you’ve run away to join the circus and you end up sweeping up after the Elephants

It seemed like a good idea at the time.  But the circus train is way out on the plain stuck in a one horse town and you don’t have you fair home anymore. What to do? Sweep the Elephants tent out for the last time and hitch hike, but which way is home…

The farmers Boy & OOP & Star Trek

Had a fun gig with Elephant Shelf last night (Thursday) though possibly a little bit on the loud side. My brain was not fully engaged as I forgot my keyboard stand but I managed with a table though it was a little bit awkward. But it went OK so that’s  fine though I did get a blister on my thumb from over-enthusiastic Piano playing. I must admit I am playing through a lot of gigs on remote control at the moment as I am rather preoccupied. The Shelf is getting radio play on about 6 European stations which can’t be bad

On Friday I  spent the whole day doing OOP as much of my php code is not using objects  so a bit of serious revision just to get my mind working again interspersed with quite a bit of piano playing too.  I must admit that I tend to watch TV when I am codeing stuff with one eye, any one else admit to doing that ? I shall start hacking wp about as I have moded a lot of  the other CMS systems but wordpress is very easy to use as the back end of  a cms with out too much effort so I will be putting  a shopping cart to this blog to flog some of my stuff in the not to distant future, and a few other fun things.