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At the end of the day Would you rather be part of Europe or a Tax haven heritage park?

At the end of the day Would you rather be part of Europe or a Tax haven heritage park?

Please note this is a personal view. I do not claim to be able to substantiate this but its seems logical to extrapolate this from the events which have lead us to this point.

My view is that its been fixed so it won’t matter what we vote for it will be some variation on out. There will not be any choice given. There is no proper political opposition now in the UK. So there must be massive coulsion.

There are small group of mostly very wealthy individuals who have orchestrated this for their own advantage. Some are English but many have deep connections to the USA. Those individuals have the following agenda:

1) Forcing down wages
2) Attempting to remove workers rights.
3) Gaining almost total control of the mainstream news media
4) Attempting to remove the NHS and replace it with an insurance based system
5) De-stabilising the economy to asset strip and then take ownership whilst keep their own wealth safely off shore in other places
6) Facilitating al of this by inducing paranoia based on non-existent threats and fear of the other. This prompted by breeding a culture of xenophobia and casual racism.
7) Inviting foreign agitators Steve Bannon and similar supremacist nationlists to this country to spread an often hate filled agenda.

Lessons from history are being ignored and it may well already be to late.

There idea is to destroy the UK, pick over the bones and then rebuild it in their own image whilst the Jacob Rees Moggs and Ian Duncan Smiths make a fortune.

The sad thing is that will be so many brain dead people shouting we have taken back our sovereignty whilst everything that made the UK a decent place is striped away and we become some sort of european tax haven and theme park.

Ye Olde England crossed with 1950s britain. Don’t worry about financial collapse feel the sovereignty

Better get your flap caps and be ready to doff them…..

God bless you governor, spare a tanner for a cup of tea.