Monthly Archives: January 2023

The Joy Of Innocence. Nope

Is that a thing? I wonder. I really need to work through some of my “To should list”. That’s a bit like a “To do list” but with a lesser imperative. But it’s still hibernation time.

It strikes me that I know essentially 2 types of people among my mostly musical and arty friends. One set who are imaginative, often optimistic and creative but also weirdly childlike and innocent. The others like me are often deeply cynical, pessimistic and seem to see things that stop us being part of the first set, however creative we might be. We see through the eyes of experience but hardly ever through the eyes of innocent wonder any more.

Meanwhile Britain lurches inexorably towards becoming a far right dictatorship. The exit from the European Union has brought a nauseating rise of racism, xenophobia and supremacist thinking by those who willingly swallow propaganda.

Watch this video and make you own mind up, is the UK moving towards fascism?
You decide.