So Hot My Brain is Fried

Too hot to do anything and to hot to think as well. Hopefully the weather is supposed to break on Monday, but its really hard going as there is no way to keep the flats internal temp below 30C. We just can’t lower it whatever we do.    We have tried every trick in the book pretty much. Hi ho alas and also lack a day. 
Just stringing a few words together seems a herculean effort at present. I have resorted to keeping a small spray bottle in the fridge and misting myself with it to keep cool. It is actually remarkably effective in the short term. I did look into various cooling devices but they are not that practical due to the design of the apartment.
So the day to day is difficult right now. 

Here is a new song. It’s just Piano and Vocal on this one for a change, keeping it simple.

Let’s get back to proper English summers where you went on holiday in a caravan in Bognor Regis and the rain p***** down all night and it was so loud you couldn’t sleep. Or I could just move to Wales I suppose. In winter when it snowed just after we moved here in 2018  we had to have the heating off as there was a leak, it was 19C. Each year in winter we seem to need much less heating. But how the hell you cool it I don’t know. Not that I am obsessed you know, but please make it stop.

The war in Ukraine is rumbling on and it’s scary.  Really scary. I do wonder if I might not live to to draw my pension next year. Are we that close to a 3rd world war?
It feels like we might be. All of the certainties we had seem to be blowing away in the wind. So we wait and we worry.  Does Putin want to fulfil the words of the book?

“When the Lamb broke the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature saying, “Come.” I looked, and behold, a pale horse; and he who sat on it had the name Death; and Hades was following with him. Authority was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword and with famine and with pestilence and by the wild beasts of the earth.”

Makes you wonder what a person of  faith feels at a time like this? 

I think I need a drink, laters people and try and do no harm. 

Just a Little bit Crazy Right Now Again

Yep, I am just a little bit mader than usual. But then aren’t we all now. My post covid low seems to have lifted a bit  now but I am still fatigued and a prone to low grade headaches too. Its pretty warm again today about 27C and I really can’t say I am used to yet either. I am finding it difficult to keep my exercise routine going as well.  The heat is wiping me out.  A bit of lasting fatigue that I can’t really shake.  Neck ache too. I start the day OK but then I get so tired. Its definitely post viral. But enough of that for now.  The landscape is so parched now locally. The trees planted two years ago look more than half dead and there is stil no prospect of real rain. It’s a massive downer to be honest.
Everything is just shriveling up including me somewhat. I have just been for a walk down to the Great Ouse at the time of writing this nice but sad to see how badly the wild flowers are doing though its better by the river of course.  And its very difficult to keep the flat cool. One must be totally disciplined about keeping the blinds down and so forth. An hour too late and you are totally screwed.  Don’t let anyone tell you global warming is not a thing. English summers use to be interspersed with a few jolly good soakings or perhaps that just my summer holiday memories. Brain fog really is a thing.  My energy is going up day by day though.

I also did a bit of music practice and started recording a new song today.  I am working at a snail’s pace though at present.  It’s going to be hot for a while and its a bit too toasty for me.  Strange to relate there is a cool breeze  blowing from somewhere today which is very welcome. 

Here’s a song from earlier in the year.

Washing up time
washing up time

Don’t take it all too seriously, you may not come this way again.  I have always been trailer trash really.
Just call me ‘Blanche’  ….. Somebody turn down the heat please.

This coming winter is looking difficult. The increases for heat and light are more than a slight squeeze.  Hopefully we will just about be able to hack it at Chez  nous, but a lot of people are really going to suffer. It’s unfair and the government is really not taking it seriously enough. Where this is leading I dread to think.
But enough of winter. 

And whilst we are wishing, “Peace in Ukraine”.

Keeping On Keeping On Spaces In Our Heads

Well it’s still a bit of a struggle, keeping up my level of concentration at present.  I have been recording and writing a bit too. I hope by doing a little bit each day I will be able to get back to some reasonable level of fitness again. I do have a bit of difficulty  concentrating but it seems to be more along the lines of fatigue rather than brain fog.  Food is beginning to taste a lot better again fortunately which is a relief. And most of my commitments are sorted out now too. I am finding it hard work getting back on the metaphorical bike though. Its difficult to judge how much exercise is enough or too much.   

Here is a new tune.  A very free improvisation with a slight jazz flavour with Piano, Violin and Synths. It’s quite moody I think.  Anyway see what you think.

Diana says you have to laugh

Still fighting with Covid.

Wow, I am still not really well after 3 weeks. I am getting better but its 2 steps forward and one step back at present. I have  been messaging  people to explain that I will be out of commission for another week or so, with hopefully a gradual return to my normal activities’. Its hard going though. I guess I am feeling my age now. It’s hot again too. Too hot for me in recovery to be honest. I am quite fatigued and it is  bit of a shock to be honest, my usual bounce back is not occuring in the same way.  Age I suppose. it’s very frustrating.  I feel much like I did during lock down again, but I still don’t feel well yet.  The good news is that at the time of writing finally after 3 weeks I have just tested negative. I was beginning to get a bit worried that I might be starting a long covid infection. I am working on getting my strength back a bit too. I know if I miss one day I will be tempted to miss another. Some days I get up in pain but the exercises take it away. So like music and practice and composing it is my daily routine. I am lazy so I have an almost military discipline about it. I note how much exercise  I do per day. That helps me keep motivation up. And pain killers are mostly useless for my pains so I have no choice. Each day I start with exercises and if I miss them I fit them In at a different time in the day pretty much. We are of a different character though. If i had a pottery kiln i would be a potter. I don’t really have any musical Instruments I dont play and so forth. The idea of buying  a guitar and hanging it on the wall although it might be a beautiful thing is alien to me. In part perhaps because I never had money so anything I got was a titanic struggle to get so everything gets used. 

Gosh I am so tired  though.

Never surrender, never give up.  

Here’s a tune for you all