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I am not very good at waiting but at the moment patience is whats required. I am also trying not to  get the hump about people not treating me and other people in my circle with due respect.  Its difficult though.

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Keith Lindsay-Cameron for sharing this.

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“Charlotte and her team have been campaigning for four years now, against the actions of the DWP and their punitive regime. A regime the government claim is a towering success from the crumbling halls of the Westminster bubble, which they can find upwards of £4 billion to refurbish, and yet deny ordinary people the means to eat and have the most basic means of survival.

Everything that is stated in the  blog  has been fully researched before writing and these are not stories picked out of thin air. I make a point of not being abusive towards anyone and I will not tolerate any comments that are of such. I am a great believer in free speech, and I will not censor my blog.

This is the reality of life outside Ashton Under Lyne Jobcentre and many other Jobcentres up and down the country and this blog was created to help change this and to inform others.”

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