Monthly Archives: February 2011

How do you know when you are trying to hard?

I am sure that many of us feel that with that little extra push, if maybe we were not so lazy that we could achieve our own personal holy grail. Theres no doubt that you don’t get something for nothing in most walks of life, but when do you just walk away and say no couldn’t quite hack it so I am giving up? Things are moving on personally for me but I still feel a long way from home, and perhaps what I should be looking for simplification in my life. Every corner that I turn I feel just as far away from my goal, its always somewhere over the horizon. Perhaps thats the way it is supposed to be but I am not sure.  If your having fun then keep on trying but if its no fun any more well then what?  The more progress I make, the less I think I have learned in truth.  Perhaps I am just getting fed up with looking to the next hill and I should pitch my tent right here. 🙂

Here is not a bad place to be sometimes…