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My feeling of disjunction with much of the human race continues apace. Much of the current rhetoric about the so called undeserving poor seems to be a lot like the stuff promulgated 30 years ago by another bunch of those elected belonging to the party beginning with C. One is not allowed to be outside the system, the rules must be followed. People seem incapable of believing the evidence of there own eyes much of the time. Much is now institutionally and morally corrupt and yet people accept it as normal. The UK has gone septic…

Shock Horror, but now even those who believe that they are middle class and will be immune from stuff that happens to inarticulate types in low budget leisure wear have started to realize that they too can be pulled into a downward spiral and having the label ex-middle class striver will not save them as they have become tainted with the sin of being poor. No wonder then that those that are young don’t get it either. We don’t need worker drones like we used to and educating people is likely to make them start thinking and question whats really happening. You can grind people down to a certain point but eventually something is lightly to flip the switch and the then things may get very nasty. Anarchy in the UK (No not that delightful chap that sells butter to finance his music these days) but there is a risk of a major flare up at some point when it really becomes clear that we have been had. Not the middle aged zombies like me but there will be those that will react eventually, perhaps not in the more affluent areas, but…
Better to maintain the status quo or the
Status quo ante bellum that risk it surely.
But no because its all short term, those with the power and the wealth can milk the system then F off elsewhere as no doubt many of the currently elected will do once out of office as they move in to comfortable directorships and so forth…

If you really think its not going to affect you your wrong.

I like to think that the following should be applied to those less fortunate

Deuteronomy 15:11 There will always be poor people in the land. Therefore I command you to be openhanded toward your brothers and toward the poor and needy in your land.

But then I must have got it wrong because Cameron and IDS obviously think differently.