Monthly Archives: October 2021

Once Upon A Time In Bedford

My last release went live OK and so now onto the next step. I have no idea what that should be though. At the time of writing this  I just sent off 3 violin tracks for a remote recording project.  Something I have been avoiding for a while as I just could not  get the enthusiasm for it.
There is a possible side project live band (60s and 70s style) that I may be involved with too if it comes to fruition. Working with local musicians. Fingers crossed.  On a personal level I am having a few wobbles at present which I hope I will be able to negotiate and keep rolling along. Wish me luck.

Here is a tune called “What’s next”.





Thinking Time

Autumn is finally here. The weather is having a last burst of eccentricity to confuse us all. I am still in limbo to an extent waiting on others for various projects to start.
Today has been  a mostly  frustrating day for all sorts of reasons though there have some little victories. Also a lot of thinking time, in fact rather too much of it t be honest.   We are out of lockdown now but for me  little has changed. Many of my friends are back to business as usual now gigging with  their bands in pubs and clubs pretty much as they were pre-pandemic. I do feel slight pangs at not being in a similar situation but then covid was only part of the problem of course.  So i shall have to trust that something will turn up along the way.  In truth I have been challenged and changed by events and I don’t think I have the confidence to front anything now. If there is a spot for me though I hope I shall be able to step up to the mark.  Nothing is ever certain of course. 

I feel very fragile these days for want of a  better word and to be honest I have only  just about finally escaped living in the past with luck. My old life as it was is gone. I hope if I am spared to set out on a new different path if its allowed. At present the days though have very little to distinguish between them. Weekends used to be the highlight. Friday Saturday Sunday for gigs. But that was then and this is now, the new normal. Perhaps a bit too normal to be honest.  I hope I can rekindle my enthusiasm as it seems to have waned more than a little. 

I have been recruited for a local band that hopes to play a bit of 60/70s style psych and folk and stuff. They are still trying to recruit a guitarist at present and it seems to be more difficult than they had expected.  it would be rather fun if that came together. Fingers knees and toes crossed.

This time last year we had sunshine and good weather. Not this time. Its dull and blowy and generally not great. I had thought to try and get some pictures of autumn  hues. It won’t be today though.  My mind is wandering and I cant focus on anything.  So here is a riffy violin and guitar instrumental tune for you all.