Monthly Archives: November 2020

The nights are drawing in again


Sad songs from me at the moment. 

It’s dark as I write this now.  The world is quiet still yet, cars going by but the building sites stopped now.  The work is nearly finished now apart from 2 houses that still need a roof on and some landscaping to be finished but it could well be done by Christmas or not long afterwards at the at rate its currently be done.

The builders have provided a lot of entertainment and education  during the time they have been here,so I now know a lot more about how houses are built from the ground up. I will miss the show when its gone.  I will though have a little park that I can sit in and day dream if I whish when its finished if I am lucky. It should be OK as long as they dont think I am a vagrant and try to move me on.    

I have had a lot of time to think. But we are of course still in Covid-19 limbo and will be for quite  a while.  At best till the spring, but maybe a lot longer.  In the mornings here there is a mist that rolls along the water meadows at this time of year that looks quite magical.  I have never had the presence of mind to get a decent photo of it yet though. Mostly in the mornings it takes me about an hour to get the aching bones moving.  That can be hard work at times,  particularly as things are now.   I have a back brace that I wear part of the time that helps but not always. Mostly its useful to stop me slumping as I type which makes a big difference.  Maybe if I can get match fit I  will be able to get back to some of the things I used to do previously as a web developer.  That’s not the most important thing by any means though but then what is?



Another quiet Sunday

Today is a giving up day.  I have been trying to get on with stuff but today I ground to a halt. Having said that after putting down tracks for a new song and writing the words to it. So not a wasted day really I suppose. This week we should hear about what happens over the Christmas period in regard to lockdown rules.  Due to personal circumstances I have hardly noticed that we have been locked down anyway.
Over the course of this year I have really only been in contact  with 3 friends face to face plus the odd supermarket shop assistant. 

Its definitely having an effect on me mentally now.  The loss of two good friends in a year and a half plus an exe band member has also been a bit difficult to deal with. 

I am still ploding ing along with music related activities of course though and trying to keep in touch with people is at times not so easy. My mental health is tanking a bit too, 


Sad news this month

Two people known  to  to me have died unexpectedly this month.  One I had not seen for many years but whom I worked with in the band Elephant Shelf. Robbie who was bass player for about 7 years or so. He had a stroke and had not been able to play instruments anymore. He committed suicide.

The other person Ralph Stephenson was a friend of many years standing who had been a regular visitor after the death of Vicky Martin to my home in Great Denham over the last year and a half. he had health issues but his death was unexpected and sudden.  he had a wide range of interests from film and photography to audio recording and music and much more besides having also been a radio DJ and reporter and film news cameraman  for ITN. He was every heavily involved in the alternative  scene in the late 60’s and 70’s. 

Lockdown life is now very quiet.