Monthly Archives: March 2010

Tales of mystery and imagination.

The internet is a strange animal that constantly changes the colour of its coat and its behavior.

By turns informative, frightening and often ludicrous. Internet forums are a subset of this but usually the same rules apply.

People make unsubstantiated claims and yet often without realizing that they have already presented evidence to the contrary, Youtube is a great leveler in this respect amazing what folk will post on there. Video evidence for all to see. Makes you wonder if people think your daft… You can’t fool all of the people all of the time…

There are a few folks who play the internet game well often pushing their profile quite a bit, still that’s entertainment!

Delta ladies are out tonight and tommorow too

Delta ladies are out tonight and tommorow too.

We are at the Pear and Partridge at London Colney tonight starting at 09:00 with special guest Terry McInearney on Drums.
Tomorrow Friday 26th We are at Olivers Jazz Bar Nevada St Greenwich Starting at about  10:00
Terry Mc Inearney on drums and Robbie Charles on Double Bass. O’yesss….