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Tales of mystery and imagination.

The internet is a strange animal that constantly changes the colour of its coat and its behavior.

By turns informative, frightening and often ludicrous. Internet forums are a subset of this but usually the same rules apply.

People make unsubstantiated claims and yet often without realizing that they have already presented evidence to the contrary, Youtube is a great leveler in this respect amazing what folk will post on there. Video evidence for all to see. Makes you wonder if people think your daft… You can’t fool all of the people all of the time…

There are a few folks who play the internet game well often pushing their profile quite a bit, still that’s entertainment!

Blessed are the Cheese Makers

Some of you maybe aware that I am in the web business as well as the music one. I built my first website in 1998, it was rubbish but you have to start somewhere I guess, I got in to commercial IT for  a while and then began  freelancing.
I currently host about 35 web domains. What is interesting to note is the parallel between web design and development and music. Everybody can buy a computer and get a free web site and put music on the internet. they can do this very cheaply and along with perhaps millions of other songwriters, and they can also try to sell their own product.

The problem with this is everybody wants it for free

  • Everybody knows how to click a mouse => This makes them an expert on the web, E commerce and social networking…..
  • Everybody has a friend who is a brilliant singer songwriter=> if you you can only join their fanclub, or vote for them or support the gig they are doing with ten other bands at the Dog & flea pit, its only a fiver to get in and the bands only payed £10 to play there in the first place.
  • Everybody has a friend who builds websites, => so you don’t need web developers  or designers and there is always the free webs too, all of those beautiful   templates.

One million ways to syndicate pictures of your cat on the internet.  Imagine that, maybe we have dumbed down just a little too far?

Marching onward

Lots of gigs, lots of stuff happening, and a lot of very late nights too. interestingly I seem to be picking up a bit of interest on from the look of the stats there. My average listener is between 30 & 40 and mostly lives in the US, which is cool.

If your at a loose end why not give me a visit on and just type in Diana Stone. or paste this in your browser
End of commercial break.

Wearing my other Elephant Shelf & Delta Ladies hats. Elephant Shelf is now also available on so have do have a look.
Elephant Shelf now also has a blog though their is not much to see yet, but there will be soon.