Monthly Archives: June 2010

Back home again

Well we did our mini-tour of the south of France, and played possibly some of the best gigs ever. This may well lead to more work in the EU in the not to distant future so I shall need to bone up on my french a bit. It was great to meet so many different people, and being wined and dined before gigs was a mind blower.

windy day at canal du midi
windy day at canal du midi

We split the trip home in to two sections and stayed over night at Dijon, and had a really good meal in the Comedy Restaurant. Then up at 6:30 and off driving from the last leg back to Calais (360 miles) so a bit trashed by the time we checked in. Customs gave us the once over at Dover, surprise, surprise as we did have a lot of stuff in the car but we have been away for nearly 3 weeks.
Then back up to London….

Had quite a lot to do first day back, but I was really knackered on Friday. We were supposed to be playing a gig but arrived to find it had been canceled, which was not quite the welcome home it could have been.