Locked in Life

Locked in Life

Still keeping on keeping on, that’s the best we can do really I guess.  Apparently from next week in the UK there will be some easing of the lockdown though it has not yet been stated what will actually be involved. I don’t think for those of us involved in music and performing we are likely to be seeing much of a change anytime soon.  

So I shall carry on writing and recording and hope for a brighter day.  

Bungay Theatre Doors

This is an instrumental version of a song from about 20 years ago with a sort of classical style arrangement.
Do feel free to give it a play. 




Music and Recordings from 2020

Some of my latest recordings from this year are listed below. Click and enjoy
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Hiding In Your Shadow

If you are enjoying the music

Actually a lot of the music is up beat and optimistic so figure that one out, I wish I could.Perhaps because music takes me to another place that I can not otherwise occupy, or maybe at the best of times opens a doorway for me. I think I have drifted through every musical style in the history of Mankind, ( personkind perhaps, or am I getting a bit Californian ) as I have always been interested in almost every sort of music from pop to the musicals and the classics. 


Band/artist history

Almost a band so many times, but now back to being a solo artist with a virtual band. I am looking to put together a live outfit that will play under the name Diana Stone’s Glass Cage as I have musicians that I can borrow occasionally for this when they are not too busy.

Being a multi-instrumentalist it’s difficult often to reproduce the kind of stuff I record in live performance so if if you do get to hear a live version of a Glass Gage song it may sound a little different until cloning is perfected.


Musical influences

A little bit of everything just missed being a child of the sixties, so lots of early prog rock, but also a lot of folk, a bit of jazz, and anything slightly of the beaten track.So Sounds a bit like King Crimson and Its a Beautiful day in some places. Any one remember Gong there were great too Also I did not realize but lots of old Hippie music influences too have managed to creep into the melange as well.


Into The Woods – a film by Invisible Folk

A recent project I have been privileged to be involved in.

Invisible Folk are Jon Bickley & Steve Yarwood. For more info about what we’ve done, what we’re doing now and what we’ll be doing in the future please visit https://invisiblefolkclub.com/ We made a film to complement the ‘Under The Same Sky’ art exhibition that would have opened at the Higgins Bedford Museum at the beginning of April 2020. Paintings of landscape, nature and weather in Bedfordshire were going on show before COVID-19 closed all the galleries and museums. Lots of new music was written, some of it is in this film which will be shown alongside the exhibition when the museum reopens. All songs and music on the soundtrack were composed by Jon Bickley
Musicians: Jon Bickley – Vocal & Guitar
Diana Stone – Violin
Russell Eyre – Guitar
Alexandra Reynolds – Voice
Filmed by Hannah Lovell http://hannahlovell.co.uk/ Film Editing by Matt Fleming (Minus Tone) https://www.minustone.co.uk/ For contact details and more information please go to our website and leave a message via the Contacts page. Please keep an eye on the Invisible Folk YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5q_…

A recent project I have been privileged to be involved in.

Keeping sane.

Well I am beginning to fray around the edges a bit now. The news is a bit hard to deal with at the best of times. I can’t concentrate in anything at all at the time of writing. I went out for a walk and that was quite pleasant but after an hour or so back home I got extremely anxious.
I guess like most people it’s the not knowing and being totally unable to control events. Life is like that at the best of times of course, but now its brought in to sharp focus. We have a wealth of information so there is no getting away from it. At times like this it would be great to pick up the phone to my mum but she is sadly long gone from this world also is my Dad, though they would be in their 90s now.

So whats new? I did a live webcast for a friends virtual festival last weekend and that was very different. I did a set from the piano and sang my self a little bit horse to be honest. Quite enjoyable to do. I do miss gigs and proper beer in pubs at the moment. I am better placed to ride this storm than many fortunatly. I am in a rural location with acces to open country and a large nature reserve so I can’t complain about that. It is so very different to the London flat where I spent 33 years. I do miss London but at this time I am very glad to be where I am.

My partner is busy with her painting and her now virtual (via video) classes for art and Phylosophy, plus keeping in touch with friends and familly that way too. The lighter evenings help a bit.

Anyway here is a song of mine from October 2018.

Viral Load, why keeping your distance may help

The less you are exposed, the lesser the risk of serious outcomes it seems?

OK this is a bit of a difficult read but its about Viral load.

and I quote “The mean viral load of severe cases was around 60 times higher than that of mild cases, suggesting that higher viral loads might be associated with severe clinical outcomes. We further stratified these data according to the day of disease onset at the time of sampling. The DCt values of severe cases remained significantly lower for the first 12 days after onset than those of corresponding mild cases (figure A). We also studied serial samples from 21 mild and ten severe cases (figure B). Mild cases were found to have an early viral clearance, with 90% of these patients repeatedly testing negative on RT-PCR by day 10 post-onset. By contrast, all severe cases still tested positive at or beyond day 10 post-onset. Overall, our data indicate that, similar to SARS in 2002–03,6 patients with severe COVID-19 tend to have a high viral load and a long virus-shedding period. This finding suggests that the viral load of SARS-CoV-2 might be a useful marker for assessing disease severity and prognosis.”

So the less exposure the better your chances.

Read the full article below