November, the next bit

So, its unseasonably mild at present and apparently the wettest on record. Slowly but surely I am moving out of my live music becalmed stage, as things are beginning to happen which is at least hopeful again.

Here is a recent sort of Jazzy tune, It’s a bit of weird one but I think it works.

Life goes on pretty much and apart from the rehearsals and odd gig now and then I am not getting out much. I hope to have remedied that once 2023 has started if I am spared.
With the season’s change I feel a struggle not to hibernate. Gosh, but it’s hard.

Prelude To Winter

It’s starting to get cold now. Ouch. Life goes on with a few hiccups along the path.

There is plenty going on on various musical fronts, so that’s all good. I am in 4 different acts, all very different, which hopefully get busier next year. A slight hiatus though, due to the guitar player in one band fracturing a finger and the drummer twisting their wrist and no they were not having a fight.  In my folk act the guitar player has got a kidney infection. But overall I have a lot more going on now than I did a few months back creatively so that’s good. Other than that its business as usual over all. Finances are a bit iffy till next year so I am mostly doing stuff that does not cost too much to do socially. That’s OK though.

So here is a tune.

It’s a Piano and Keys thing, that sort of wrote it self the other week as they often do, whilst I was thinking about something completely different.

A memory from a few years back. No special reason for putting it here except it’s a fun picture with happy smiling people in it. We all need to do more smiling don’t you think.


Here is a recent Jazz fusion type tune that I recorded.
Violin plus Rhodes Piano and Fretless Bass sound.

I just escaped from Martins Charity Irish session at the Mill hotel in Bedford (In aid of the recent disaster at  Creeslough ). 3 hours worth, so I was all fiddled out by that point. Nearly got stuck in the car park, with a tickety machine malfunction, but all sorted. It got really irish so I was blagging it on the violin to the max. Lots of people there so the charity hat filled up well. I am knackered today, 3 hours of fiddling has done me in. It was good fun and a worthwhile cause. There was an accordionist (Italian/Irish perhaps? ) We also played a latin thing and the Theme from the godfather then we segwayed into Molly Malone and some rebel songs and so forth. Some huge and stunning voices in evidence too.My A string decided to start unwinding too, but I got through it just before it got too unplayable. I realised that I am actually on my last full set of strings. Normally I don’t get to that point but I have got a little chaotic recently.

As I write this a phenomenal amount of rain is falling again.

Covid and me

I am wondering not if my possibly up to 4 separate bouts of covid have done me any lasting damage. I am beginning to have my suspicions now. I have had some very odd but niggling health issues that seem to drag on and manifest in rather strange ways. Some so odd that you start to doubt the sometimes fragile grip on sanity.

I do wonder if it’s just the onward march of time and I am desperately trying to blame it on some other weird pathology. I also have a first in Hypochondria, which does not help much.
Wait and see maybe is the answer?

“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.” —Desmond Tutu.