Independence Day or Silly Walks Day?

A little bit of both I guess so far. I am stil struggling a bit mental health wise again. I get stuck as something triggers me then I get obsessed with it. Some things are hard to ignore. Its polling day here in the U of K July the 4th. I voted by post 3 weeks ago but that vote is unlikely to affect the outcome as its a conservative safe seat where I live.

I have got out and played live a couple of times and its cheered me up a bit, at least temporarily. But today’s a very rainy day so I am going nowhere. Just watching the rain.

With Orchard at The Red Lion Stevenage playing some Saw Doctors Songs

Well we now have a new government. It’s better than what we had but over the longer term who knows what it will actually be able or will to do? Sadly much of what I would wish for will not be coming to pass. Also there is an enemy within. There are now elected far right neo fascists as elected Mps. So there is a seed of real evil. The fertile ground for it was laid and nourished by the last government with its pandering to racist and nationalist views to gain votes. Once something like this has taken route there is no easy way to stop it spreading.
Britain has always had a proportion of isolationist and often xenophobic people and one only has to look back to very recent history to see that. The only way to help stop this is to speak out against it. I am not confident that will happen.

In other news I stagger on with my musical machinations. “Its music Jim but not as we know it” some might say…