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A Jolly Tune

Here is an upbeat trance crossover tune for you all. Posted on a dull autumn Sunday.

OK, so I didn’t sleep so well last night, but mostly alright. A fairly productive day yesterday with music and related doings at home. Bones a bit creaky again so making sure to do my morning exercises routine again. I am doing a short version to get back in to it as I have been slacking and its showing. My body knows the season has changed. Among other activity’s I have indulged in has been a small sightreading mini marathon on the piano, mostly hymns and Victorian an Edwardian parlour songs. Played inaccurately but non stop. The power of prescription reading glasses I guess.

Some days I do feel really, really old and other days not at all. I have just been unloading music kit from the car until its required next week. I used to leave stuff in the car when we were in London as it was always out of sight and often one could not park very near to the car. Also have frequent gigs then would have required taking stuff out on one day and putting it back the next virtually. Now having secure storage at ground level means its not required anymore.
Since we moved though I have still not sorted out a lot of the redundant kit, though I have sold some of it.

I think as I age and time passes the most important things is for me to have fun and do no harm.
I can’t save the world single handed, but sometimes the little things we do can make a difference to the balance of things though sometimes it takes a lot of time to see that change..

The Little Green Dragon

I played a gig at a venue I have not visited since 2019 which used to be a regular haunt for the Delta Ladies, both to play at and to have a drink in. This is the “New Delta Ladies” and my co-conspirator is Jan Jackson on Bass and vocals. Here we are all hair and just our noses visible.
A very nostalgic visit. If we are spared we will be back there in the new year. A lovely atmosphere and a fun crowd and good beer. What more could one ask.

They have regular live music and Real Ales and Lagers and Gins.

928 Green Lanes
Mason’s Corner
Winchmore Hill

Normal Opening Times:

Monday: Closed

Tues, Wed, Thurs: 5pm – 10pm

Friday: 4pm – 10pm

Saturday: 2pm – 10pm

Sunday: 2pm – 8pm

In other news I recently released my latest album:

Happy Endings

Why not give it a listen?

And now back to the drawing board.