Ultimately The Best Result You Can Ever Get Is A Draw

There is no winning ultimately. I have just taken a break from working on a new track. It’s going well but I don’t want to mess it up and a few things I tried are not turning out as I had hoped. So it is time for a tea break. Post tea break I have adopted a different strategy which seems to have worked better 🙂 So I am mixing at present. In fact I have mixed it and verily here is the song.

It was sunny again as I drove to my rehearsals in Stevenage in the afternoon. the trees are already showing signs of buds which seems very early to me, though I don’t have much knowledge of such matters. have been quite creative in musical terms this month , lots of recording and writing plus rehearsals and learning band stuff. My brain feels a bit fried though at present. I have deliberately made the effort to keep a bit busier at home to avoid too much of the usual mood crash that I always get this time of year. It’s hard to do on the days that your on your own though.

The new exercise bike is in regular use, fingers crossed it will have some health benefits in the longer term. It should increase stamina but I am not sure if it will reduce the aches and pains much though it may help with my mental health a little bit too. I have had it just a little over a week now so it’s very early days of course.

I have submitted my next Album release ” Tinfoil hat 1234″ which will go on distribution in mid February on Amazon spotty and so forth . Ok its an indulgence but it keeps me amused as I creep towards the onset of my dotage. Doing cover art is a problem so I just find a picture of me and use that now or occasionally a watercolour or pastel picture. I haven’t painted or drawn much recently though. An odd thing that occurred during the covid lockdowns was that essential I got used to being an indoor cat. Now the door is open but I am loath to walk out through it. After a while the sense of feeling trapped disappeared. I did a lot of useful and creative stuff during that time, interspersed with a few solo walks around my local area. Contrast that with now and I find it very difficult to keep focussed on anything on an at home day, when i might have a fair number of things to do. And also I try to avoid thinking too much. Its hard though. That’s often when the anxiety strikes. I am feeling a little like that tonight. A Saturday night In. Argh….