October Musings Part 3

Yes, it’s the next thrilling installment and I bet you just can’t wait.

My reptile part of my brain is convinced of the following: 1) I will die of something awful soon (This thought has been with for years generally and ebbs and flows in it’s intensity like weather patterns ). 2) Something will go wrong and I wont receive my pension, even though I have a piece of paper telling me exactly when and how much. 3) Although my car has a very expensive service and drives smoothly, that it will fail and leave me stranded somewhere. 4)….. In fact I could go on listing stuff forever. It’s really annoying but I have had to deal with feeling like this for what feels like time immemorial. 

A perfect example of an anxiety driven logical fallacy.

At the time of writing I have just added a Violin part to a track sent to me by Jon Bickley and I am pleased to say he likes it.  I tried a slightly different recording set up to simplify things and it worked like a treat. The more I do the more I want to do. That helps when the depression thing kicks in.   It’s a typical autumn day out here almost countryside land, Sunny cool and the  trees giving a decent display of colour as the leaves turn. 

Here is a tune from earlier this year,(February perhaps). Its a Violin and synth tune with a lush orchestration. Its starts slowly and dreamily then the beats kick in. Ideal for dancing around your lounge after too many cans of cheap larger and/or other relaxants.

Musically speaking generally things are going fairly well though still not very much happening on the gig front alas. So another Saturday night in doing solo interpretive dancing because it’s good exercise, though it might look silly. So maybe I am interpreting myself in that case .

Tea is the essence of life, with no tea life would be dull indeed.