Well That Was Different.

The day prior  writing this I was making a video of a live performance of what will be a promotional tool for Jon Bickley’s forth coming CD. We played through the tracks in sequence and shoot it outdoors at a secret location.  It was quite fun to do and the weather held out remarkably well too. We also had some still shots done for the prospective   album cover and other publicity purposes. Then a drive back up the M1  and home.  Playing a set of songs to an audience of one (our cameraman) was weird though. 

I just did a covid test so at the time of writing I am clear.  I have had 6 clear tests since July. I only really have interaction with a couple of people but my partner is in contact with a few more folk in the weekly social groups.  Its my belief that I may have had a mild covid infection in early 2020 but I have no way of  proving or disproving this unfortunately.  I was in contact with several people who may well have been infectious for some time and others who subsequently went on to get it within a short period of time.  Was it just luck or had I quickly built up immunity somehow? Do i still have if so and whats my level of risk to both myself and others?

We are now at the start of September and the weather is very uncertain. We may get a  touch of late winter sun, but it’s been a bit gloomy and the urge to say in bed is difficult to fight right now.  I am getting on with stuff though just going day by day though. What else can one do ultimately. 

A friend of mine is still very much concerned with the possibility of getting a serious covid infection.  So they are keeping themselves away from as many people as possible. Logical but as they have been double vaccinated they may actually be more at risk through not having any additional exposure to continue to build their immunity.  I understand their concern but wonder  if ultimately they may be in a riskier position due to this attitude.   Still we can really only make our own informed decisions about all this and advice whilst it may be given may really not suit someone else’s circumstances.

I had a visit from Danny (Delta Ladies percussion and Oud player) and he played his Kora. We recorded a couple of tracks and chatted. We went through what we had been doing for during  the various lockdowns and restrictions.   It must be about a year since Danny was last here.  That was a pleasant change. it feels like time is standing still in some respects though. 

I am not sure if there is a way forward from all this personally.  I feel it would be tempting fate to make any plans frankly. It would be nice if there was but I am not counting on it.  Maybe I need to be a bit more zen about it all and see where I end up? 

Never let the future disturb you. You will meet it, if you have to, with the same weapons of reason which today arm you against the present.”