Times A Funny Thing

Where did all those years go? And why is everything weird now like “Alice through the looking glass”. Up is down and black is white and newspeak rules. And Oceania is constantly at war with Eurasia and Eastasia. And it’s nearly June. Everything is very green but we have rain virtually every day at present. I personally can’t remember things being quite like this before. The world seems pretty hopeless now, it could be a near paradise but greed and prejudice put paid to that.

A new instrumental track.
Friends With Benefits

So as usual I am doing what I do day to day. I had a brief overnight visit from my sister, so a slight change to my normal routine. I am getting back into a bit more regular exercise again now the post covid malaise seems to have worn off.

Who can you trust. My disillusionment increases day by day watching the run up to the UK election. At this point in my life it will make very little difference who is elected on a personal basis. But everything seems bleak generally in the world from where I stand. It could be that todays just a bad day for me personally of course. I have been jogging along feeling reasonably OK in the mental health department, but occasionally I get hit with something out of the blue that throws me off course. Ho hum. There are weeks when I see only my partner who is not always the best of communicators and that can seem strange.

last night I had a dream I was back at the office in a very junior position fileing and I was talking to work colleagues. I said it was the third time I had returned to work there. That’s quite odd as there has never been an occasion where I had returned to a workplace having left.