Its been a while since I last spoke with you. Pull up a chair.

It’s been a while since I last spoke with you. Pull up a chair. Tell me what you have been doing. Did you win?  I am glad.  You know we dont get many visitors these days and it’s always good to talk.  We will just listen to start with if thats OK with you?  It’s just that we are a little short on subjects to talk about recently. And we don’t get out much, did I tell you.  So tell us all about you.

Yep, its a weird old world. My musical doings are proceeding as expected at present, in mostly a positive direction.  My body and mind are as ever doing what they do and giving me little unexpected surprises.  I am releasing another album to coincide with my Birthday next month.  I think my solo material  output will be a little less next year if things move in the direction I expect them to and I am busy with other things as well as my personal music  projects.  Fingers knees and toes crossed it will all work out.

Christmas. Not really my thing anymore.  Scrooge me. Not really. Well maybe just a little. Plus the stars are going out, so many people that were part of my musical influences in my youth are fading away though they have left a rich legacy of recorded music. At the time of writing this Mike Nesmith has  just ridden into that  sunset too.