So How Did We Get Here

The last couple of years have been a rough ride mentally for me and have left me somewhat exhausted.  One foot in front of the other and all that, a  day at a time and other cliches.  It’s hard though. I have learnt a few things though, mostly about myself. Things like, you can’t like or understand all of the people all of the time and trying to messes your head up. I have given up on trying to figure out other people’s motivations or at least trying to. I am also having trouble trusting people and getting perhaps a little paranoid. That’s I guess the effect of years depression sadly. I suppose it may make me seem just a bit unfriendly but I used to be a lot jumpier a few years back unbelievably.      

I have just got my latest release approved “Moving Through The Vale” which will be available on Amazon Apple Spotify and so forth from October 22. The title is a bit ambiguous but what’s life if we can’t have  a little mystery. 

This track is not on the release though.

I am spending far too much time watching old retro TV at the moment. Its comfortable like an old blanket on the sofa perhaps.  It  is an aid to sanity in a small way. Easy access to the familiar. I used to wonder why so many older people seemed to live in the past. Now I know though I never thought I would feel that way.