The End?

There are three choices:

#1 Abandon Ukraine and hope for the best = Russia continues with its territorial ambitions

#2 Support Ukraine to keep fighting until they have no will left to do so. A long war many deaths and Ukraine still loses = Russia continues with its territorial ambitions

#3 NATO becomes directly involved. = Conventional WW111 but with the potential for Western Europe /UK to be destroyed if conflict goes nuclear
At that point it is more lightly just before US maybe drops out of NATO?
Nigel Farage becomes Putin’s right hand man along with his friend Steve Bannon.

Everybody dies in #3

#1 and #2 only thousands of people die and Russia wins.

#4 Barbie/Disney version = Complete and utter regime change in Russia. Roll titles, pink sunset and everybody lives happily ever

And what ever happens Palestine is screwed.

Here is a song for you.

Diana Stone Music