Post Covid First Gig And Stuff

I managed to get through the gig OK and it was fun. I am still a bit fatigued though. But hey I enjoyed it and that’s the point really. Also a friend who is quite reclusive came along and watched the first set which is nice. I didn’t know they were there though until the next day 🙂 I did make a couple of mistakes, but I think that was due to not being 100% well. I hate it when that happens though. Today I am starting to tidy up my web server finally. A lot of stuff is totally redundant now. it’s going to be a long and boring job though and I should have done this about 10 years ago, so its more than a little overdue. I don’t really do web development now and many of my hand coding skills are simply not required except to fix stuff that is broken.

I found an old song that’s due for re-recording so I shall start working on it this week and see what I can make of it with a new approach as it was written about 20 years ago now. I am somewhat distracted today though but I may get started with that. It’s not so much brain fog as simply a case of inertia I think.

Meanwhile here is another song from last year that a few people liked just to keep you going.

I am still drifting a bit. I am managing to do stuff but I really just don’t seem to have any sort of drive left now. I am not so anxious but also can’t seem to summon that proper focused concentration so easily. I guess that’s aging to an extent. On TikTok someone described me as Marge Simpsons sister Selma Bouvier. Hell yes, I am going to own it 🙂

Definitely a good look. America fascinates me but I have only been to NYC a couple of times and doubt I will ever see more of the place apart from via YouTube and Streetview and of course the mythical USA via movies.

I just managed to get a very dynamic vocal sound on a track. My voice is definitely changing a bit now. Go me. Sort of.