Starting From Scratch

When the rules of the game change we must change or likely loose. And the rules have certainly changed.  I am now firmly in the “one day at time day” category. No great long term plans and I will see what happens when I andf get there.  Mentally I feel a bit more on the ball all of a sudden. Physically not so much. And the balls are all in the air at present. So if I am not at the end quite yet, what next?  I really do feel clueless.
I have been keeping up on the creative side as much as possible of course. Its mostly what I do these days. I can’t do more and I rarely do less.  It takes more effort than it used to though. A lot more effort. 

I wrote a humorous and slightly near the mark song yesterday. Dare I sing it? I am not sure. Many don’t do irony. I  once worked with a very clever songwriter and singer. She had a  great voice. She was also a burlesque performer and a natural comedian.  What she had not reckoned with was that people did not get the joke and essential wrote her off a posh stripper. She was quite a wit but many didn’t get it. When she went on to try and push her songwriting career people didn’t really always want to know.  That was a great shame and  a major talent has been missed in my opinion.   

So I shall endeavour to make the most of  the abilities I gave creatively as long as I am allowed. It’s been a hard year or two having lost close friends and its only in the last month or so I really felt as though I was not under a permanent cloud.  I just woke up feeling different. Not better and not worse but different. The world is not looking quite the same.   

Surprise, surprise. here’s a song. It’s got a bit of dulcima  in the mix too and tin whistle though these are not featured. They are just working away supporting the song.