The things we dare not say

The things we dare not say,if l write my autobiography I would have to leave all the really interesting bits out.

How many of us really know if we have done more good than harm?  I have broken rules for good reasons and also for bad ones over the years. Judge not lest ye be judged and all that.  I have no idea where I would come on the scales…
i am still thinking the thoughts, even if I am not doing the deeds.  But I do such things in my dreams as would make your mind reel.

So we move in to the last days of Trump. He has 11 weeks to go and we wonder what mischief he will be about in that time?
Best not to think to much about it really in my opinion. Lets hope its a damp squib and he fades away into  the distance with feint echos of the sound and fury preferably on  a black horse with a black hat muttering “You will never take me alive”.   

Currently I am revising my French and about time too as my brain is suffering from lock down malaise. I am also practicing sight reading again with the aim of going straight through without stopping or hesitating. It has to be done. I really want to try and get through this period having gained some skills. I hope my resolve will last.

The bones creaking are still creaking but not too  bad overall with exercise regime. Gently does it but regularly seems to be the watchword. The new back brace works wonders to and has lasting effects. Moodwise I am a bit techy this weekend. I really don’t know why. At the time of writing I have just but down the  basics of a new song. the Lyrics are not cooked yet though. I have some rough ideas, which I might sort of freestyle as I go along. I was going to say extemporise but that sounds a tad pretentious dont you think? 

Be good and if you cant be good be careful.