anno domini

January 2017 should bring my 60th birthday, and where the time has gone I really have no idea. Things are jogging along in pretty much the same way as this year closes, though with a couple of new experiences.  Winter is lurking, but the trees still have an impressive display of autumn colour which may last a week or so more. Curiously though I live in central London I do see the seasons change markedly as we have many mature trees that I can see from my apartment windows being just above the tree line.

My Life.

Delta ladies at the 100 club 2016

Music is my thing these days and most of my time is taken up with it in some form or other.  Meanwhile the world continues to spin though times are taken a strange turn with the rise of the new right, and with it the associated xenophobia, and victimisation of those who are ill or disabled.  When the UN reports on the shortcomings of the UK government in relation to its treatment of the less able or impoverished in our society it is clear that something is out of balance.  This is a world that is very different to the one that I have lived in most of my adult live, that is changing in ways that I never expected and is going backwards in so many ways. Quite depressing really, particularly as people don’t even seem to see whats happening or how they are being manipulated.


Personally I am hitting a bit of a low, I am not depressed but I am very irritable and feeling volatile. I need to get out of this headspace because this is when things go wrong and I feel very uncomfortable when I do lose my temper and at  present I can’t find the off switch. Not a good place to be in though paradoxically my concentration is really sharp at present. Also a side effect is tiredness but an inability to relax.  I can see the signs so I need to keep things low stress.  Sometimes it’s a losing battle though.

I was hoping to get a supermoon picture but the cloud cover is unlikely to lift so thats a shame. Still there is a little time left so you never know though its not looking good now. Ho hum.