Sunny days and uphill struggles

Some days it feels like you only have to turn over in bed to strain something. This is not life enhancing. Today is such a day. Usual afternoon here at Stone Towers. Piano reading practice Recording and stuff until now. Doing stuff is on average about 5 hours a day I guess the rest is just fannying about. There is I suspect a lot of subconscious stuff going on when I am zoning out. I am a bit more energetic, but I have to watch as my body seems a lot more fragile these days. I am not bothering to follow much of the election stuff now. I did read a bbc news article about people that don’t vote anymore or never have. One young woman said her family never did. It was very much a thing that our family always did. Perhaps, because then the memory’s of WWII were very fresh for people of my parents age. It mattered a lot to then that we had been able to survive as a democracy and not be over run. My vote is unlikely to matter but having the franchise is important. Many people now seem to think that politics is just a game where people make false promises to get elected. I cannot argue too much with the logic behind that though.

At the time of writing it’s the summer solstice. And I am still looking for answers to make sense of life generally so no change there.