A well of sleep

Physically I am tired, though I do sleep reasonably well. I have very little confidence about going out socially on my own at present, (though I do have abit of social contact but really not quite enough) and it is making me feel a bit isolated. I am not too sure what to do about that really as my best laid plans don’t seem to be working at all. I had hoped by now it would get easier but its not working that way. I suppose fundamentally we cannot change our personality type. It’s a nuisance though. At present in between the odd gig, rehearsals and writing and recording I am watching far to much you tube. I have lost it somewhere along the way. Maybe it’s just the effect of getting a little older. Making friends is hard. Or rather finding a good close friend that you can trust is hard. Really hard. I must make the effort somehow.

Shouting in a Bucket
This song is 7 years old now. That is a surprise.

Its obvious that there are a lot of inaccurate populist notions about gender/sex built mostly on fear that are exploited on both sides (and by politicians for cheap votes) and unsophisticated people will and do fall for it. And of course it helps distract from stuff like “people in small boats” and supporting a nation with military aid that is committing war crimes….In other news, I still have a decent following for my Music in both Russia and Ukraine according to my play stats. How inclusive am I then. Another moan, why is it people always assume that one has never done research into anything before commenting. Perhaps because most keyboard warriors don’t perchance?

The suns is shining again here as I type this. The daylight is lasting a little longer too now.

I have also been putting some music on TikTok as they now distribute tracks too. I am not sure how useful it is but the tracks do rack up a decent number of plays statistically if you post them with a slideshow or video.

I got into a Facebook discussion against my better judgement and am feeling a bit battered by it to be honest.

On Facebook the rule seems to be never “Never let a fact get in the way”.
“What larks, Pip, what larks” 
I have learnt my lesson….