Adventures in Normality Land

Yep. Well actually no. It’s not really normal yet, very far from it. Yesterday was a bad day it must be said.   I feel a long way from everything and everyone. Disconnected. Its not getting any better either. I am sure I am not the only one that’s ever felt like this of course, but its the first time I have had this for anything but an instant.   Ho hum, alas  and alack.  And still everything hurts randomly. Its not getting any easier at present. 

Here’s a tune from a couple of years back. A fairly straightforward rock song. 
It’s another bit of space cadet sounding stuff lyrically though relatively straight forward musically.

Diana Stone Studi picture

Diana Stone Studio picture August 2021

It or what is it or why don’t you 

The silence breaks through again and suddenly the world has stopped and there is suffering everywhere but it is  unseen from these windows. 

The question comes, “You never talk about it” because to me its is an irrelevance. My identity it is but also equally it is not.  Am I what I do are what you know about me or even what I know about myself or at least think that I do?

And also what is It, my it or your it or their it  Actually that’s not it.

  I am not me then but perhaps a projection  or a reflection or an echo or a thought in my head  as everyday I am me but also someone else that I dont recognise, but its is not truly a disguise.  My  eyes don’t change.”

Existentialist cobblers. Perhaps. Discuss…..