February 21 more

Week 6 of my extended exercises regime and I am having a bad day. My back has really been playing up big time. I hope its a temporary hick up, but I need be be a little bit careful for a day or so I think.  We have brilliant sunshine locally at the moment which is  great and gives the spirits a bit of a lift at least.  I won’t be offered a vaccination for a few weeks yet by the look of things. That’s not a huge problem as I am still pretty much in a bubble in practical terms.   

I have been beavering away creatively as much as possible I am a bit worried about repeating myself though. My mood is actually quite good considering. As I normally have an ongoing issue with depression I do wonder if my extra enforced physical activity is actually helping with it.   Perhaps?  Finances though mean I shall be on thin gruel for a while yet. I can’t see any money making opportunities before the end of this year.  Some people are rather better at coping with this lockdown lark  than I am.  Certainly talking to my friends and acquaintances many seem to be keeping quite bullish about things.  I do need to hear that of course. Remotely winning friends and influencing people is not yet part of my skill set. Also the gap left by people that are no longer around is hard to fill.  There is no off switch for that feeling and with very little in the way of distractions otherwise its harder still.  They say that you dont miss what you never had but I really dont think thats true or at least you miss perhaps what you nearly had?