December begins

What a year, it has been.  Were to start? I am quite daunted by the possible futures that may be coming my way. Everything is new, in this bave new world though and events have pushed me back to the back of the queue now.  Also my mentors and advisers have for various reasons moved on in every sense. I am thrown back on my own resources but that’s really not enough. I will give a hurrah for the first Covid-19 vaccine and the fact that this points at a way forward but its a long road home and much has been lost and will never be the same again. I thought I was set to embark on a different path but its turned out to be a minor divergence or perhaps a pleasant detour but once through the woods I have rejoined that old path again but my companions are no longer fellow travellers in my caravan. 

I am blinking in the light and wondering what comes next?  Also my mind has got to a very strange places and everything I once desired is changed and transformed. A new road calls and its not like the old one at all and trouble may well catch me out somewhere.

Just embracing new thoughts and trying to get comfortable with them is not so easy now.  I was never one for gurus but I think I need one now.  There’s a lot of confusion and possibly illusion too.  So basically help I need some navigational aid. A new roadmap to take me on the next leg of this journey  towards home.
Its a different world and a separate one from many now. Like viewing everything through a perspex safety screen or from a great distance with a sense of massive disconnection.  

So I am overthinking again. It must be time to get back to the music again now.
Do drop in and have a listen