July 8 2020

The pubs reopened last Saturday, but I have not been tempted yet.  There are a lot of alfresco opportunity’s to get a drink around these parts though.

So today is  wet Wednesday July I think it’s about time that I put another blog entry on my main blog so here we go I spent the beginning of the month just starting to record a new song I couldn’t quite get the lyrics sorted until today day but they hopefully it should work when I attempt to sing them. Unfortunately today has been quite a bad day for aches and pains and anxiety and grumbling and feeling stressed nothing new there but on some days there’s no way to distract yourself from it as it’s been pouring with rain the last 2 days I’ve taken myself out for a little bit of a car ride around the very attractive countryside in this direction. I want to get back to attempting to write the bike again soon but I think the weather is going to have to sort itself out quite considerably  and that won’t happen until  Saturday which seems on a day like this as far away as Christmas 🙂

So here is a song about social media. Whatever that is.

I did have a visitor last Sunday. Danny who played the percussion in  the delta ladies and that was a nice change but today is one of those climbing the walls today. It’s not just a matter of the lock down or that many things I would normally do are just not possible at the moment but also the fact that I am fairly cut off here now now now that was something I didn’t foresee when we moved  the expectation was that I would still be doing the regular two to three gigs a week which would not only keep my money supply topped up but keep me socially connected and that has a course now or come to a complete halt, and I have to say I am not dealing with it terribly well at all.

Today has been a lot of pacing up and down which are now doing as I attempt to dictate this and it’s quiet and I’m not quite in the right mood for doing the vocal for the song the sitting on the recorder almost ready to go so there we have it me sitting about alright walking about thinking about it mostly and watching the rain which I guess is what a lot of people doing too, but hey who knows I have about 4 people that I’m regularly in contact with most of the other people are really acquaintances.  At times like this it just doesn’t go so well 

I like people but I am not an easy conversationalist, I often say to  little or too much or don’t listen too well.

I generally have a bottle of wine once a week which I drink in little Sips over 3 or 4 days in the evening  I could easily drink a lot more  but I suspect if I did it might become a little too much of a habit also it would become run-of-the-mill and a bit less of a treat one thing I do find recently is that unless something is incredibly absorbing  I cannot watch programs on television without my mind floating  off into some other place. I don’t know if this is normal or not but it does seem to be quite a problem in the last 2 or 3 months so today is really really really not good  it’s almost stop raining but apparently it’s going to rain all night and most of tomorrow too which is a bit rubbish.  

I should be doing something useful and creative. But hey.